By Chaitanya Lila Das


March 27, 2020 All Day

Govardhan Ecovillage

    Sri Ananta Padmanabh Swami Temple, Trivandrum

    • Lord in reclining position over Ananta Sesa
    • Enjoying aroma of lotus in left hand
    • Blessing Lord Siva with right hand
    • 3 doors: face, navel, feet
    • Lord Brahma on lotus out of navel
    • Sages & celestials also present


    • Mentioned in Brahmanda Purana
    • In Karnataka, sage & devotee Divaker
    • Lord took form of small boy and attracted his heart
    • Love growing, one day bold told – no father, mother, no fixed place of residence
    • Divaker: stay with me, I’ll take care of you
    • Boy: Condition you’ll not chastise me for anything
    • Divaker promised. Boy naughty.
    • One day while worship Saligram Shila missing
    • Searching found boy sucking on the SShila
    • Divaker without thinking chastised.
    • Boy ran & Divaker followed
    • Waist Belt & Ankle bells tinkling
    • D: I can’t live without you
    • B: If u want to see me again, look for me in Ananta forest; Disappeared
    • D spend rest of life looking, never found the forest
    • Came to this place, heard a tribal lady chastising her son
    • Asked lady, she told
    • Forest very dark, D went with single wick
    • Suddenly he heard sound of waist belt & ankle bells
    • Ecstasy and began searching in direction
    • Suddenly big tree crash & bright effulgence flash
    • Saw Deity of Ananta Padmanabh: Huge
    • 18Km: Head, Feet in diff. villages, waist in A.forest
    • D took unripe mango, offered in coconut shell with L&D
    • Requested to reduce – 3 times of stick
    • Naivedya offered in coconut shell
    • King Martanda Verma dedicated his kingdom to Deity
    • Made official legal deed: entire state of Travancore property of Deity
    • As long as sun & moon last
    • Even Britishers accepted : 21 gun salute
    • Original Deity: Illupa wood replaced in 1739 due to fire
    • Current: Made of 12,008 saligrams
    • Brought from Gandaki on elephants with all pomp & show
    • Special ayurvedic mix on top : katu sharkara yogam
    • No abhishek, thick smoke over centuries give black colour
    • 18 ft long: covered with gold & precious stones
    • Anantasesa covered with silver plates
    • 7 acres & 7 Gopurams
    • Laksha Deep festival every 6 years on Makar Sankranti started by King Martanda Verma

    Other temples inside:

    • Sri Krishna Temple: BMThakur disappeared from here: Silver flag staff
    • Hanuman Deity: covered with butter that doesn’t melt
    • Foot of one Kshetrapala (Jaya, Vijaya) growing every day
    • Lord Narasimhadev Temple
    • Kulashekahar Alwar Madapam: composed MMStotra (musical pillars)
    • Single stone mandapam: abhishek carried out – covered with gold
    • 80 ft golden teak wood stambha (not touching)

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