Sri Ramachandra Kaviraja Disappearance Day

Srila Narottama dasa Thakura Mahasaya has sung: “O Acarya Prabhu (Srinivasa), please bestow your mercy upon me. I pray that I might also have the association of Ramacandra.”

Sri Ramacandra Kaviraja was the disciple of Srinivasa Acarya Prabhu and the very intimate friend of Narottama dasa Thakura. His father was Ciranjiva Sena and mother Sri Sunanda. Ciranjiva was originally an inhabitant of Kumara nagar but after marrying the daughter of Sri Damodara Kavi he moved to Sri Khanda.

“Ciranjiva Sena was a pure devotee very much loved by Narahari Sarkar and the other residents of Sri Khanda. He was extremely learned in all matters and his wife was very chaste and gentle. Her activities were completely transcendental.” [C.C Mad. 11/92]

Sri Mukunda, Narahari, Raghunandana and Ciranjiva, who were all residents of Sri Khanda, were of one mind and one purpose. Every year they would come to Nilacala to have darshan of Mahaprabhu and to chant and dance in front of Lord Jagannatha during Ratha Yatra. Ciranjiva was from a family of physicians. His two jewel-like sons were Ramacandra and Govinda. Later they both became disciples of Acarya Prabhu and came to reside at Teliya Bhudari-gram in Murshidabad.

Ramacandra was very handsome, intelligent and perseverent. His maternal grandfather, Sri Damodara Kaviraja, was a well-known poet who was a worshiper of Krsna’s energy (shakti) and was initiated in this cult. After their father passed away, the two brothers Ramacandra and Govinda came to live with their grandfather, who practiced the Shakta religion. Being influenced by him, both became inclined to worship the various personified forms of maya, Krsna’s external deluding potency.