Adipurush – A Cinematic Betrayal

The speech of Hanumanji was highly captivating to Sri Ramchandra. The way Hanumanji spoke deeply touched Lord Rama’s heart and he held great admiration for the eloquence and charm that resonated in Hanumanji’s words.

It was their first meeting, the Kishkinda section of Ramayana reveals the unfolding of the divine connection between Shri Ram and Hanuman ji, witnessed by Laxmana. The filmmakers may have sentiments for Hanuman, but they lack seriousness in understanding the refined culture of Ramayana. As a result, they blundered to such an extent that even the left, right and every one else is offended.

Sri Rama conveyed his feelings to Laxmana about Hanumana’s speech, stating, “One who has not studied the refined Vedas cannot deliver such a beautiful and eloquent speech or converse so nicely”

Hanumanji never used incoherent or impure words in his speech. His facial expressions, eyes and throat never exhibited any kind of disturbance or disfigurement. In fact, his speech and face were impeccable. He had the ability to express deep, profound concepts while using the refined language, allowing one to feel the power of communication. Sri Rama continued, “I am very pleased with Hanuman ji’s presentation.” In fact, even the most unrefined warrior, on the verge of killing an enemy, would be enthralled by Hanuman ji’s words and would be completely pacified.

Using language in the name of creative freedom is nothing but recklessness and slanderous behavior.

There are hundreds of writers who are highly creative, but only those who maintain a certain dignity will eventually have an impact and transform their listeners or readers. It may be slow, but it is sure.

Let someone who truly understands the essence of Valmiki Ramayana come forward and craft a magnificent theatrical production or an epic play to wash away all the stains of writing and hearing unrefined language that tarnished the portrayal of Sri Rama and His beloved associates.

– Govinda Das