Spiritual Education

Today our Communication is wireless; Cooking is fireless; Food is fatless; Sweets are sugarless; Arguments are baseless; Feelings are heartless; Relationships are meaningless; Politics are shameless; Education is worthless; Youth are jobless; Salary is less & less; Needs are Endless; Lives are Hopeless; Society is clueless; Because we have become Godless & Valueless. A great thinker once said, “In our zeal to get religion out of the classroom, we threw out morality as well.” The ancient Vedic scriptures imparts principles of health, social, economic, ecological on the basis of spiritual well being. This education is given to all age groups in different formats.

Govardhan Ecovillage

Govardhan Ecovillage (GEV), recognised by United Nations World Tourism Organisation, is a spiritual oasis in the heart of Maharashtra, based on the principles of “simple living and higher thinking”, that brings spirituality to life. It’s a community which hosts multiple yoga, self-improvement, health, academic and spiritual events throughout the year, within its tranquil and sustainable space. The Ecovillage is equipped with large yoga studios, 94 eco stay rooms, swimming pool, Kerala Ayurveda Center, beautiful shelters for our cows and horses, and many more amenities ensuring a comfortable stay.

Govardhan Goshala

HAPPY COWS, HAPPY WORLD! Govardhan Ecovillage Goshala is home to 104 beautiful cows, bulls and their calves. We believe in protecting, honouring and loving cows because they are especially dear to Lord Krishna, they are considered mothers to human society and are an essential part of agriculture and the economy. To make our cows happy and loved by providing the highest protection, care and natural living. The cows wake up between 4:30 am to 5:00 am. At that time, the Goshala team collects the cows’ first urine, which is considered highly pure, holistic, and incredibly useful for medicines.After waking, the cows chew on forage kept in the troughs and drink water available at various spots. Around 6:00 am, they are milked, and that sacred milk is used for services of the Deities.

Gopal's Garden High School

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. After unconditional love and attention, there may be nothing more powerful a parent can give a child than education. Education brings adult mentors who care about children, gives knowledge about health and the world, provides character-building experiences, and a sense of unity with the world. Gopal’s Garden School aims to provide a loving environment suited for the best possible learning experience, where children are nourished with devotion and inspired with a will to work to become leaders of society, first class human beings and devotees of the Lord.

LN Hindu Orphanage

The year 1900 saw a severe plague ravage the city of Mumbai and parts of the State of Gujarat, claiming innumerable lives. The wife of then Governor of Mumbai, Lady Northcote, with the help of some affluent businessmen, started the Lady Northcote Hindu Orphanage (LNHO) to provide shelter to the children orphaned during the catastrophe. The original trustees had a provision that the children be provided excellent quality training and education, along with spiritual values. However, over the years the standards and the facilities deteriorated. In the late 1980s, the trustees requested Radhanath Swami to bring the orphanage into modern times and provide a spiritual revival. In 2005, the Lady Northcote Orphanage was shifted to Govardhan Ecovillage to provide a serene atmosphere for the children to live, learn and play in.


Every child should be educated, which means every child must be fed so they can concentrate in class. Annamrita works with the Government of India’s Midday Meals programme to feed over 1.2 million children daily for free. Although free public education is offered to children aged 6–14, poverty prevents the underprivileged from taking advantage of it since they need to work in order to feed themselves. In 2004, the Government of Maharashtra appointed Annamrita to provide nutritional midday meals for primary school children. In this state 300,000 free meals a day are distributed between Mumbai and Pune.

Bhaktivedanta Hospital

Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute is a non-profit, multi-speciality, hospital providing holistic healthcare and at the cutting-edge of medical research. The hospital is responsible for various community initiatives for the welfare of rural and tribal populations. What makes Bhaktivedanta Hospital unique is that modern medical technology and healthcare is offered with a unique integrated approach to Ayurveda, homeopathy and other complementary medical therapies. Trained personnel from the dedicated spiritual care department offer counselling, prayers and meditation for the patients and relatives to help them face the trials of disease.

Bhaktivedanta Hospice

Bhaktivedanta Hospice, a home away from home, is for terminally ill patients. Vrindavan and adjoining areas have over 20000 widows and many destitute live in this area. It is one such effort to support those, who suffer from terminal illness. These patients who are totally shattered medically, physically, emotionally, economically and spiritually, receive this care free of cost, irrespective of their religious faith. These poor villagers are provided the following care and services free of cost: Home Care, Medicine Distribution & In-patient Care, Nursing care, Pain Management, Symptom management, Complementary Therapies for comfort care like Relaxation techniques, Music Therapy, Herbal Therapy, Spiritual Care, Grief management, Care of the Caregiver, Special and personalised care at the time of dying, Post-Mortem care if need be, Cremation Care and ceremony, Memorial service, Grieving, healing and support services for the family.