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In 1909, LNHO orphan boys found small clay status of Radha Krishna, which they worshipped in the hollow bark of a banyan tree (backside of the Temple). Since then kids were transformed & trustees decided to build a Temple for them, but when locals objected to the standards of worship, they instead had Lakshmi Narayan placed there. Mahatma Gandhi would sometimes visit for his morning prayers while at Mani Bhavan, Subsequently many locals also started coming. Gandhi is also reported to have hid from British officers who were out to arrest him by being locked inside this temple from the outside.


What is now the Vrindavan Garden was a garbage dump area for the whole neighbourhood. It was a favourite hang out spot for crows and rats. When HH Radhanath Swami saw this, he thought it otherwise. By the help of devotees, it was soon transformed into a Garden. He often says, the heart is supposed to be a Garden where God can sport, not a Garbage dump where dogs fight. The mini replica of Govardhan, Radha Govinda, Radha Madan Mohan, Kaliya Lake fountain further beautify the charm of this forest. It is most enchanting in the evenings.


In the courtyard is the breathtaking diorama exhibition. The sculptures, though inanimate depict incidents better than words. Both the illiterate and the literate will understand and appropriate these spiritually. Through the diorama people are able to understand the knowledge ISKCON is disseminating throughout the world. They display Lord’s incarnations, Lord’s pastimes, Guru parampara and philosophy of Krishna consciousness. Take a tour!


The Matchless Gift shop is located towards the kitchen inside the temple premises. Various gift items and deity paraphernalia is available: Deities, Small Altars, Photo Frames, Aarti paraphernalia, Lockets, Beads, Counters, Bead bag, Cow products, Greeting Cards, Children items, vast collection of spiritual Books, ethnic shoulder Bags, Lord Foot wear, Clothing, Deity Dress, Deity Jewellery. herbal tea/drinks, Honey, Rose water, Ganga jal, various types of scents, conch shell, peacock fan, puja mat. Small and large sling bags, dhotis, kurtas are on offer.

Timings: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.


Govinda’s Restaurant is a pure vegetarian restaurant which provides a divine dining experience. Govinda’s not only serves pure vegetarian meals but everything served is first offered to Lord Krishna–thus the meals are not only tasty, clean, but truly transcendental.

Opening Hours Monday to Saturday 11.30AM – 3:30PM & 6:30PM – 11PM
Sunday 11:30AM – 11PM.

We provide free Home / Office delivery.
For Delivery please contact: 75066 86040
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We take Bulk Orders for Cakes, Pasteries & Sweets.
Contact: 75066 86040
Email: govindas.ic@gmail.com