Bhima & Fasting

Today marks the auspicious occasion of Nirjala Ekadashi, a sacred day that symbolizes Bhima’s resolve of devotion & sincerity, a day when many people choose to observe fasting without food and water.

The beauty of Sanatana Sanskriti is that even fasting becomes a festival.

The Rasa Sastra is one of the core foundational principles of Dharma, which can make anything tasteful, even on Nirjala Ekadashi when one must abstain from all forms of taste, including the best of tasty things- Water.

The highest form of taste is Bhagavat Rasa, or Anand Rasa, the blissful experience of divine ecstasy, which is relished during such occasions.

Certainly from a purely physical perspective, it evokes feelings of compassion (Daya Bhava) as we recognize the value of food and water in addition to realizing that, those who are forced to starve what they might be going through.

The ultimate purpose of such fasting is to cultivate the experience of Bhagavat Rasa and foster Daya Bhava.

Conscious fasting nourishes one’s spiritual being, while forced starvation leads to the devastation of a large number of people.

May the divine bliss of Bhagavat Rasa expand and may the compassionate essence of Daya Bhava prevail. On this Nirjala Ekadashi, let our souls radiate with devotion and fasting, forevermore.

Jai Nirjala Ekadashi!

– Govinda Das