Don’t Let Your Relationship Unfold Unconsciously

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Don’t Let Your Relationship Unfold Unconsciously – Start to Consciously Plan Weekly & Daily Time to Work On Your Relationship

Many of us start our relationships unconsciously. We feel drawn towards another & as our alignments, desires & attractions co-mingle, a relationship is born.

But, as our relationships mature & unfold, the many layers of one another are revealed & rise to the surface – and each partner witnesses that their attraction to one another & compatibility can become complicated by differences

By starting to consciously & ongoingly give time to take a step back from being in the moment of the relationship & do some work on it, the couple is allowed to gain perspective, practice & wisdom to work through these differences.

Not only are the differences worked through, but more importantly they usher forth GROWTH & a deeper sense of shared purpose & connection in the couple

This key to your relationship asks for you to become growth-oriented. To witness your relationship not simply as something that “makes you happy,” but something that is asking of you to GROW, TO EVOLVE & to reach greater shared purpose & connection in life

One way you can take that step is through working with a relationship coach, counselor or therapist . The mentoring of an external guide can allow the couple to realize so much about the relationship that would otherwise be difficult to uncover. Additionally, a trained coach can bring in expert tools to facilitate the most awareness, growth & connection possible.

Another way is by weekly taking time to read a (trusted) relationship guide together and/or create weekly meetings wherein both partners can practice moving through differences, expressing needs + experiences, actively listening to each other & consciously building solidarity as a “team” or a family

The starting line begins will the will to explore, have fun, go a little deeper, cultivate powerful new practices, become more aware, & consciously challenge yourself every day.

It’s time to cultivate the deep ongoing desire to grow & find greater connection