Echoes of Ayodhya: A Memoir

रामेति रामभद्रेति रामचन्द्रेति वा स्मरन्‌। नरो न लिप्यते पापैर्भुक्तिं मुक्तिं च विन्दति॥
राम, रामभद्र, या रामचन्द्र,
ऐसा स्मरण करते हुए मनुष्य पाप में लिप्त नहीं होता है और समृद्धि तथा मुक्ति प्राप्त करता है।

As the crisp winter breeze brushed against my face, I stood at the entrance of Ayodhya, a city steeped in history and spirituality. The air seemed to carry whispers of a bygone era, offering a glimpse into what might have been the mood and atmosphere during the Treta Yuga. The sacred city of Ayodhya, adorned with ancient tales of dharm and devotion, held a promise that I was about to witness an event that transcended time itself.

The occasion was the grand spectacle of the Sri Ram Lalla Pran Pratistha ceremony, a momentous event that filled the hearts of Ayodhyavasis and pilgrims alike with joy and anticipation.

As I navigated the streets of Ayodhya, adorned with vibrant decorations and resonating with chants of “Jai Shri Ram,” it became evident that the city was alive with the spirit of celebration. The air was charged with devotion, and every corner seemed to echo the joyous arrival of Sri Ram after years of exile.

One of the most awe-inspiring moments was the arrival of more than 10,000 devotees from Janakpur, now part of Nepal but historically known as Mithila. Undeterred by the chilling winter, these pilgrims engaged in Akand Yajna and Akhand Naam Sankirtan en masse at Sarayu Kund, just on the outskirts of Ayodhya. Witnessing their dedication, I was overwhelmed by the realisation that countless sacrifices and tapas had gone into fructifying the divine return of Sri Ram into the hearts of Bharat vasis.

The pinnacle of the experience was the event at the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, where 5,000 saints and devotees gathered. It was a spectacle of unity, an integration of all sampradayas and paths in the vast tapestry of the Sanatan tradition. The temple, a symbol of faith and resilience, stood as a testament to the enduring spirit of a civilisation that had withstood the test of time.

Reflecting on this profound journey, I offer my humble gratitude to my gurus, mentors, rishis, and the great shastras illuminating my path. I pay tribute to the Sanatani warriors who have preserved the essence of our traditions through the ages. Special thanks go to the VHP for extending a gracious invitation, making this surreal experience possible, and allowing me to be a witness to history.

As I departed Ayodhya, my heart carried the echoes of the celebrations. I vowed to contribute wholeheartedly to disseminating the timeless ideals of Sri Ram, fostering the message of Shakti and Bhakti. In the footsteps of those who had gone before me, I embarked on a journey to share the wisdom and legacy of Ayodhya with the world, ensuring that the flame of devotion and righteousness continued to burn bright across generations.

– Krishna Chaitanya Das

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Thank you for sharing the video prabhuji and giving us a chance to relive those moments with you through video, we just felt the video should continue when it ended 🙏🏼
जय श्री राम🚩
Hare Krishna