Gita Jayanti

Bhagavad Gita is the doorway to Sri Krishna’s world of love and His timeless spiritual & practical wisdom. So if a question is asked, “What are the key learnings from Gita?”…… Below are some reflections:

1. Gita is “Sensitivity to Reality” – visible and invisible

2. Gita is dialogue between two willing people – one “eager to learn” and the other, “caring to teach”

3. Gita sensitizes one to the surroundings without forcing any poetic idealist thoughts

4. Gita impels us to “know one’s field (Kshetra)” and thereupon, “function with stability”

5. Gita integrates cooperation with society, Devatas and Supreme Brahma

6. Gita focuses on the vision of “passion for life” instead of “withdrawal from life”

7. Gita teaches us “harmonization of opposites & extremes”:

  • War with outside, peace within
  • Self growth and selfless service
  • Fierce action but less obsession with outcomes

8. Gita teaches us to respect eternal time but additionally it makes us thoughtful even for the insignificant movement of time

9. Gita teaches us to see “divinity everywhere and everything in divinity”

10. Gita inspires us to “teach but never force” another party to follow and execute

11. Gita teaches us to love Sri Krishna and also the ones who cannot accept Him or His divinity, to serve for a good cause

12. Gita teaches us to see multiple infinite aspects of Supreme Brahman

13. Gita teaches us to raise one’s bow (know one’s duties) and shoot (act)

14. Gita teaches us to harmonise between “smaran” and “sangharsh”

15. Gita teaches us to “read and practice while living” instead of reading in the presence of a dead body

16. Gita teaches us to “accept duality because that is a reality”

17. Gita teaches us to “surrender one’s self but not one’s duty”

18. Gita does not define itself to be a simple “Rule Book” rather, it is profound “Wisdom for Life”

19. Gita teaches us to be smart, tough and soft simultaneously

20. Gita is the essence of Mahabharata and Mahabharata is a commentary of Gita.

Gita is the essence of all vedic knowledge and its teachings are infinite. So our insignificant brain can grasp just a fraction of this endless ocean.

Jai Gita Jayanti

– By Govinda Das