This is a humble attempt by ISKCON Chowpatty to facilitate online education to the society at large. One of the seven purposes of ISKCON is “To systematically propagate spiritual knowledge to society at large and to educate all people in the techniques of spiritual life in order to check the imbalance of values in life and to achieve real unity and peace in the world.”

In order to achieve the same, we encourage all devotees to come forward and share their knowledge, skills & values with the world, which can today be done on different kinds of online outreach platforms. To maintain a certain standard of content on our online platform, we would want our teachers to have a strong clarity and plan with regards to what and how they want to share. The same will be reviewed and then hosted on the platform, once approved....

Courses could be in one of these two categories:

Webinars: Scheduled live online sessions conducted by the teachers on popular video conferencing platforms. Course details like description, age-group etc. are displayed on the website and interested students select and pay online. Both teachers and students are informed of the registration through automated emails.
E-courses: Teachers record their course videos and upload the same, along with other course materials like PPTs/evaluation exercises. Students sign-up on the website, pay online for the selected course and take the course at the comfort of their time & place.
We, therefore, request our teachers to kindly go through the below policies for hosting their courses on the online platform of ISKCON Chowpatty and provide us some basic details of their course by filling the form below.

1. These online courses are expected to fit into the two broad education categories i.e. value-based and application-based.

2. To ensure quality, each course (both webinars and e-courses) will need to be certified by a recommending authority, who can be a member of either the ISKCON Chowpatty Leadership Council, the ISKCON Chowpatty Congregation Counsellor Body, or the Temple COM. An approval will be sought from the recommending authority before hosting.

3. Courses will be hosted on behalf of ISKCON Chowpatty. The website will showcase only the name & details of the teacher and not the internal departments or preaching groups.

4. We aspire to provide equal opportunities to all qualified teachers.

5. Courses charges can be suggested by the course teacher. However, final charges will be as decided by ISKCON Chowpatty

6. Teachers can request for a 50% remuneration of the charges collected for their courses or donate the entire proceeds to ISKCON Chowpatty

7. The platform aims at providing a high degree of experience to the website visitors. Hence, similar courses with same name / content will be discouraged from being hosted simultaneously. In case of conflicting courses (same name/content/timing), sequential registrations may be done.

8. Any course officially copyrighted by someone else will not be hosted.

9. The final decision in regards to hosting a particular course, based on any criteria like content quality, teaching standard, will be at the sole discretion of ISKCON Chowpatty Online Courses Team.

Additional policies for webinars:

10. The recommending authority will be responsible for ensuring proper interaction of the teachers with the students and sorting out any issues that may creep up with the students/ among teachers or any other issue.

11. Not more than 5 webinars can be recommended per week by any recommending authority. This is to enable the IT team to ensure proper launch of the new webinars and provide initial tech support to all new teachers.

12. The teacher may also appoint a course coordinator (optional), who will look after the administrative tasks and coordinate for any technical help with the IT Support Team. Alternatively, the teacher may himself/herself play the role of the course coordinator.

13. Once hosted, no changes will be made to the webinar details. Teachers are requested to, therefore, double check and be sure of all webinar credentials like days, timings, batch size, coordinator name, contact#. No change requests in this regard will be entertained, unless very critical. IT Support will be available only for technical glitches and to sort out any payment issues.

14. Registrations will stop automatically once batch size is full. New batches of existing courses can only be requested after registrations for the existing batches have stopped.

15. New courses/ new batches of existing courses, will only be hosted on Mondays. The course coordinator can fill up the request form anytime before that. Request forms will be needed to be filled even for new batches of existing courses.

16. ISKCON Chowpatty does not bear the responsibility of marketing / publicising every individual course and does not guarantee any minimum number of registrations.

17. Teachers are expected to start the course on the mentioned start date, irrespective of the number of registrations received.

18. How it works?

19. For Indian payments, once someone registers for a webinar, the user gets an automated confirmation email. The same email is automatically send to the course coordinator. The email contains the module name, user name, city, country and contact details of the user. The course coordinator is expected to add the name and contact number from every email to the course whatsapp group.

20. For NRI payments, the user is forwarded to a Paypal link for payment. Once the user pays, providing the course name, he/she is expected to take a screenshot of the payment confirmation and send to the course coordinator. The course coordinator is expected to add the user in the course whatsapp group and also forward the screenshot to the temple PARTH team.

21. The course coordinator is expected to keep the participants of the whatsapp group informed of the course start date, joining link and any other details.

Wishing you all the best in your online outreach initiatives,
Your servants,
Nanda Dulal Das
Rasik Acharya Das
Radheshlal Das
(ISKCON Chowpatty Online Courses Team)


(To be filled by the course coordinator)

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