Responsibility to Study Ramayana

January 22nd, 2023 will be an unparalleled day in modern history, a day which will always be remembered by future generations.

It will fill the heart of every devotee and lover of Sri Rama, and Bharatiya principles, with immense gratitude, incalculable fortitude, and boundless Dharmic solidarity.

A society that neglects its past history, present celebrations and future responsibilities, is only good enough to watch movies and matches. Sri Rama’s temple in Ayodhya, denotes the importance of time in it’s three phases – past, present and future.

This wondrous event is not a mere political victory, nor an egoistic achievement of building a fancy building. Our dear Sri Rama did not celebrate his victory over Ravana, instead, he cried along with Vibhishana who had just lost a brother that refused to listen to any logical persuasions of his true well-wishers.

Every atom of Ayodhya emanated the essence of Sri Rama; it was not about the buildings, but rather about building people to learn their svadharma and contribute to the growth of others. There are innumerable, oceanic qualities of Sri Rama, His entourage, and Ayodhya, described by Valmiki Maharshi in the greatest epic of all times, the Ramayana.

Therefore, studying the Ramayana of Valmiki is an absolute responsibility of every Sri Rama lover that wants to enter the new temple in the true spirit of Sri Rama’s subjects.

Afterall, Sri Rama’s Ayodhya cannot just be another tourist spot to superficially visit and boast about.

Let us all resolve to know more about the Ayodhya of Maharshi Valmiki and the Ayodhya of Sri Rama;
This will provide us with the competency to contribute to Rama Rajya instead of burdening Sri Rama.

– Govinda Das