Sita Navami Ki Jai !!

Sita Devi, as depicted by Valmiki Maharshi, is indeed a fascinating and unique personality in the Ramayana. Her qualities and actions are worth contemplating and emulating.

One of the most remarkable qualities of Sita Devi is her toughness, without being desensitized. She faces challenges and difficulties with determination, rather than stubbornness and maintains her refinement without being delicate.

Another notable aspect of Sita Devi’s character is her ability to engage in debates and meaningful discussions rather than resorting to petty arguments & quarrels. She is portrayed as more than just a wife, embodying the virtues of a queen.

Her decision to go to the forest on the order of Sri Rama, despite the pain of separation from him, highlights her strength and devotion. Unfortunately, this great story is sometimes twisted or denied by some and ridiculed by those who fail to comprehend its significance.

Sita Devi’s character also shines as a compliment to the towering personality of Sri Rama. When Hanumana sees her for the first time in Lanka, he is stunned by her power and commends Sri Rama for marrying her. He believes that Sri Rama should do whatever it takes to regain her, even if it means turning the world upside down.

Finally, Sita Devi is portrayed as the eternal queen of Bharata, ruling from Ayodhya with grace and empowering her subjects, even those who misunderstand her. Her marriage to Sri Rama is celebrated throughout India as “Sita Kalyanam.”

In conclusion, Sita Devi’s personality serves as a shining illustration of strength, devotion, and grace. Her actions and qualities continue to inspire people today.

Jai Sita Mayi, Jai Sri Rama and Jai Hanumana.

– Govinda Das