Sri Rama – Gandhi way or Hanuman

Sri Valmiki Ramayana is a phenomenal harmony of many ideologies. That is the timeless ideology & beauty of Ramayana that it remains the living force which instills inspiration within the mankind. It portrays the burning of Lanka but not out of frustration or sadistic pleasure as that is just one aspect of Ramayana. One cannot avoid speaking or only discussing that aspect of Ramayana as it is an endless guide to wisdom & enlightenment.

Sri Rama, as a king has the magnanimity of charitable kings like Bali Maharaja yet he is also capable of devising strategies for killing powerful adversaries like Vali.

Sri Rama of Valmiki is complete and full of responding to the different emotions connected to realities of life.

On the other hand, Sri Rama of Gandhi has hardly any connection to Valmiki. Sri Rama of Gandhi sounds more like recluse in the Himalaya than Avatara and the king who had the power to punish and reward.

Sri Hanumana is one such character who served Sri Rama in all different emotions. Despite being celibate, he did the work of reuniting Sri Rama and Sita Devi. Hanumana was actively loyal to his master Sugriva who was bereft of power and kingdom. Hanumana did not change his loyalty with the change of power and resources. At the same time he did not live a helpless life.

Although Hanumana burned Lanka but he was kind and light-giving like the “Deep-dana”. More than burning, it was like the eternal light, enveloping the darkness.

Sri Hanumana ji is a harmony of logic and rasa. He systematically changed the minds of many Vaanaras who wanted to give up their life. Hanumana was the epitome of rasa in his life – when he saw mother Sita, he was shocked how they survived each other’s separation. Therefore Hanumana ji insisted even if Sri Rama turns the earth upside down, still he must bring mother Sita back to Ayodhya.

Hanumana also approved the marriage of mother Sita and Rama.

Sri Hanumana is the only deity whom no controversies exist around and everyone, whether they are Shivaites, Vaishnavites or even Shaktas, derive tremendous inspiration from Sri Hanumana. He is the insignia of Arjuna’s flag and gives a clarion call to one and to all to be enthusiastic and grateful with a lot of devotion to Sri Rama – Sri Rama of Valmiki Ramayana! May Sri Rama and Sri Hanuman ji be enshrined in every heart as foundational root and a loving shelter.

Jai Hanuman

– Article by Govinda Das