The Kerala Story

Did your God protect you? How can Shiva offer you protection, when he himself is depicted as running with his wife’s dead body? How can Sri Rama be regarded as God and your protector when he himself took help from the monkeys? And that Other God of yours is seen, playing with girls, how can God do this? But if you put on our dress and worship my Khuda you will be protected.

Such a flimsy logic and the Hindu girls get convinced to eventually convert to their religion. More than the logic of any radical girl, the stupidity of such Hindu girls is annoying. This issue is not related to any specific film alone but the radical preachers make similar claims as well.

Suffering has nothing to do with the God whom you worship. The entire Pakistan and Afghanistan worship the God of the radicals, but more girls are abused by their own family members.

In Pakistan, some heinous men abused the dead bodies by digging the grave and rape them. Is their God responsible for this? Or the untrained men and bad administration is responsible for this?

Most Christian people abuse Karma Theory by challenging it. But then it’s a simple question for them, why is suffering there in Christian world? They will say it’s the will of God. But is it not so cruel of the God who chooses to have such a will.

Karma theory is not directly managed by God, instead it is the Law of Life. “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.” Karma theory is not a big rocket science, it’s common sense. In fact it’s most simple to understand, lord Buddha accepted it and Newton transformed this into the Law of Physics.

Unfortunately, many Hindus stupidly question this Karma Theory without using basic common sense and prefer to accept something which is flimsy.

You do not need to know all the answers to defend oneself but some simple common sense and political alertness is sufficient. Secondly, the story of Sri Shiva, Sri Rama and Sri Krishna will be understood by delving little deeper by studying from right sources.

Not knowing those answers instantly shows that you are not learned in this subject. Secondly, not knowing these answers, does not make you change your religion and thirdly after changing your religion life does not change the law of life. You still continue to experience suffering, in fact now you suffer more with illogical radical ideas.

Exclusivist claims are dangerous for the human elevation. It’s better to be agnostic than to be radical religionist. Radical religionist is loyal to his clan at the cost of humanity. But a good human being tries to be fair and logical.

Sam Harris, an atheist, debates with Christianity for their exclusive claim of salvation through Jesus, deeming it cruel & narcissistic. It implies that all the Hindus who worship Hanumana and Ganesh would go to hell.

Therefore it’s important for the Hindus, not to be radical but learned. It’s important for Hindus to go deeper and be a practicing Hindu instead of simply being a proud Hindu. It’s important for Hindus not to be a liberal without brain and common sense but be magnanimous in seeing the spark of the splendor. It’s important for Hindus and humanity to fight against radicals even in their own religion because it will not only destroy others but devour them as well. It’s important for Hindus to be politically alert, socially sensitive and spiritually absorbed. Otherwise, one will cease to exist and with that humanity will go down the drain. Radicals will eventually self-destruct, taking society down with them.”

Wait for four days course on: Why I should be a practicing Hindu.
Om Tat Sat !!

– Govinda das