Victory of shraddha over imposed beliefs

Shubh Narsimha Chaturdashi

The clash between father (Hiranyakashipu) and son (Prahlada) was not rooted in a dispute over wealth, power or position, but rather conflicting ideologies. One strived for eternity in a flitting world, while the other endeavored to experience eternality in the apparent world. While Hiranyakashipu relentlessly tried to control all of creation, including Lord Narayana, his son truly controlled Sri Narayana by his firm determination and will to endure any hardships for his love for the Supreme Lord.

Eventually, the clash reached its climax in the palace wherein Nrsimha deva manifested to substantiate the words of Prahlada of He being everywhere and simultaneously disprove the words of Hiranyakashipu about Vishnu being nowhere.

Prahlada’s victory is the defeat of imposed beliefs against Shraddha ; it is the triumph of inner conviction over external propaganda; and is the victory of natural positions against pretence. His success is the confirmation of the power of love for Sri Hari over conscious hatred. Moreover, it is the win of Narada’s teachings against the materialistic lessons of Shukracharya; the absolute win of substance against superficiality.

Ultimately, Nrsimha Deva’s appearance day is a celebration of the victory of Prahlada’s Shraddha and the kindness he demonstrated towards his father by asking Sri Nrsimha to liberate him.

– Govinda Das