Evidence and Astrology

The Indian cricket team had a humiliating defeat in the World Cup T20 semi-finals against England. But astonishingly, who is trolled? The Astrologers, for right or wrong reasons.

It is a known fact from the Bharatiya wisdom bank that there are three categories of evidence for proving anything: Direct evidence, inference, and testimony (sabda praman). These pieces of evidence do not work against each other but work in coherence.

Statistically, it was visible from a few crucial tournaments that Indian star batsmen miserably failed. So, this defeat was “expected reality” as against “emotional reality”. Based on the combination of direct evidence & inference, it was evident that they buckle down under the pressure.

It is often noticed that those who do not put the human effort in achieving something, tend to run to pious places for expecting miracles. It is beyond common sense, leading to utter stupidity. Neither astrologers can change, nor will God interfere in such circumstances. One’s sincerity and faith in these deeds do not scrap the role of strategic hard work.

What is a sabda praman? The sabda praman is nothing but the ability to analyze reality beyond direct and inference evidence. But sabda does not nullify the weightage of the other two pramanas. These sabda pramanas are the work of great seers beyond ordinary human intelligence and Astrology is one small part of it that gives certain hints for indicating the future trend but not necessarily telling one’s exact future.

The pre-poll analysis is a kind of astrological prediction based on the experience of those who are in that field for a long time. It is not that all the time they are correct in their analysis. Certainly, when they go wrong they are taken to task but ridiculing the professional system is unwarranted. The pre-poll analyzing system continues to exist but here unfortunately along with TRP craving, astrologers and the science of jyotishya-sastra are ridiculed. This is the saddest reality.

Every health check that people go through does not guarantee that they will not get any disease in the near future even though there are no traces of cancer or heart blocks in the diagnosis. So many expert doctors, do fail in bringing the patient to normal health. Certainly, they go through scrutiny. Sometimes the emotional relatives of the patients, even attack the doctors. However, they do not deserve ridicule or the closing of the medical field.

Undeniably, these astrologers will lose their client base for being too eager and too confident to present their views, which miserably failed. Naturally, a few clients will completely give up while a few new ones will be curious to follow.

The science of sabda praman is vast and complex. Therefore, without understanding it properly and ridiculing or canceling it completely is counterproductive.

The most successful people use the three pramanas in balance to gain maximum benefits for their growth. One can choose what they want to do, yet its acceptance or rejection will remain our sole right.

– Article by Govinda Das