Kunti Devi – Motherhood Personified

Kunti devi is a personification of motherhood. Her motherhood is not defined only by her loving nature but her ability to help her children find their own true nature and allow them to act accordingly. Kunti devi unlike many mothers raised them to be active participants in real life’s battling situations together with always keeping their dharmik foundation alive and prosperous.

To have glimpse of Kunti Devi’s matra-shakti one should read her advice to her sons, especially Yudhsthira through Sri Krishna just before the Mahabharata war. She gave the definition of gradual and deeper aspects of being a mother.

Mother in her 1st step is “Dhatri”- one who actually holds the baby in her womb. Sarrogated child does not get the chance of being in her own mother’s womb. It is a different experience for the baby.

Secondly, she is “Janani” means one who gives birth not aborts, now days some feminist want to call giving birth as “birthing” instead of calling it as entering into motherhood. The old western express highway has a slogan put in the corner of Mahim Bandra junction, “The child gives birth to motherhood.”

Thirdly she is a nourisher called “Amba”. Not a baby-sitter. The utterly shocking thing of modern motherhood is driven by convenience instead of allowing oneself and the baby to be nourished. The personal nourishment of mother is totally different from care-taker. For modern kids as the wealth increases, they miss mother’s nourishment. The natural setting of life allows the baby to experience complete nourishment from mother’s touch, breast milk, food and nourishing through beautiful stories of life.

The final and most important part of motherhood is called “Virasi”, it means one who raises the child being heroic and valorous. It does not mean that they become warriors but they have a spirit of warriors in whatever they do. Therefore, she does not stop them based upon her feelings & opinions for what her child should be but facilitates her child’s growth according to child’s nature even if it means that the child joins the army, becomes a teacher or becomes businessman or simply a household woman. Sometimes her children may have to risk their life or everything they have, to grow and contribute for a higher purpose.

Kunti softly chastised Yudhisthira for being a reluctant Kshatriya and avoiding the duty of a warrior. The best part of Kunti is handing over her children to Draupadi one’s Draupadi came in Pandava’s life. Motherhood took the back seat and the wifehood of Draupadi was allowed to be in the forefront.

Imagine the Psychology of Kunti in mothers of today’s world, that mindset cease to exists in present-day condition wherein the mother’s grooming aid the child to evolve like Narendra which literally means one who is Indra the ruler amonst all humans. Certainly such persons are born to contribute.

Mother of our Prime Minister “Hirabai” recently passed away. She raised her son and gave him for the service of the society instead of holding him back and she tried to fulfil the definition of motherhood given by the great Kunti devi.

– Article by Govinda Das