Let’s transcend time – Part 2

“The key is not in spending time, but in investing it.”
– Steven Covey

Don’t look at the watch when you meditate. Relax and slow down.

To reduce the influence of Time, look at Time, and not at the watch!

Acknowledge Time’s presence in your life and observe without judgement. Reduce your activity for some time and see his actions. The more you see him, the less he’ll see you, and less you’ll have to see him.

His impact on us reduces when we approach him for who he is. Don’t fight him because it’s our struggle against him that helps him tighten the noose.  Remember you can’t win – he’s the famous Narayana astra of Ashwattama. When this weapon was hurled at the Pandavas, Krishna asked everyone to bow down in submission – that’s the only way to counter its influence – humility. Bhima refused to bow and he was forced to offer obeisances. Even Lord Krishna offered respects to this weapon.

Right now Mr. Time has thrown a situation in your life. Respect his arrangement. Don’t fight it; don’t grumble. In a cyclone, tiny leaves are displaced from their hearth for good; we too are an insignificant statistic as the tempest of time rules roost in this world.

Time is always there with us, inseparable in our sojourn in this material world. God is in our heart as paramatma. To turn to Him and seek His guidance means: ‘watch Mr. Time’s pastimes’. Respecting Time is the practical way to turn to Krishna.

Nothing is orchestrated by Time mindlessly. It’s all part of a big and divine plan. I may never fathom what happens in the closed door meeting of Krishna, material energy, and Mr. Time. The trio are working together to get me back to the Lord’s loving abode. I need to trust this team that their decisions are in my best interest. Don’t get angry with them. Just continue doing your duty diligently. Quiet grace will help me move forward more effectively than seeking to control my life.

The universe has a plan for you (under Krishna’s leadership) and you need to trust this plan!

The soul turning to Krishna means accepting Time’s tricks without grumble.

Everything will change in a flash. Just stay in balance and this too shall pass.

We belong to Krishna and He has lovingly placed us under a caretaker called Time. I respect Krishna by respecting His representative. If I fight him, I not only lose the battle but I also insult Krishna. So let’s get smart and let’s save ourselves by respecting time and spending some time alone with Krishna, conspicuous by the absence of Mr. Time.

And how each one of us best spends time with Krishna is uniquely different. Find out what’s your best connection with Krishna and spend time with Him in a no-time zone.

“My Lord, I consider Your Lordship to be eternal time, the supreme controller, without beginning and end, the all-pervasive one. In distributing Your mercy, You are equal to everyone. The dissensions between living beings are due to social intercourse.”
(Shrimad Bhagavatam, 1.8.28)

Source: www.yogaformodernage.com

 – By Vraj Vihari Das