Legacy of Overcoming Stupidity

The success of a leader is not synonymous with the success of his followers. The followers need to endeavor & strive for their own success.

A successful individual should also be connected to his family, community and nation, otherwise he will be hijacked by other communities and nations. Just because someone defeats you in an argument does not make them possess the truth. Truth is different from argument. Blind followers can become aggressive in their attempts for proving their points by any means, be it falsehood, bribery or threatening. It is important to be smart but not become a martyr for a minor cause.

Loving someone is absolutely not a problem, but it can become counter productive when it leads to canceling all other relationships and causing trauma to one’s family. It means such a person will find no one to defend themselves when they are in difficulty caused by the very object of their love. The object of one’s love can have a greater hold over them when all other relationships have been broken.

Life is not meant to be lived in superficial safety, instead one should seek out challenges and cultivate resilience so that one is not easily irreplaceable in the profession.

No one invests their own resources for someone else’s lifetime. Some people will assist in empowering others but most will neglect to do so. Additionally, there are those who invest in others with the intention of exploiting them, and their investment is always greater than what they give. So be alert to empower oneself with gratitude for those who supported us but never become slaves to them.

God is not the one who changes your life instead He empowers you to change the same by your own personal endeavor, education and practice.
If one is successful in consistently endeavoring, that struggle transforms into a yagna where the journey itself becomes a reality. In this way, results naturally follow the journey.

Logically and even from a dharmic point of view, God does not have partiality- there cannot be a Muslim God over Hindu God. This is one of the most brainless or stupid logic. How can any government allow such ideas to exist in society?

God cannot be impressed by loyalty alone; one must also have the ability to be submissive to laws of nature. Any claims to transcend the laws of nature by displaying loyalty to God and doing something irrational is not even appreciated by intelligent human beings then what to speak of God.

Blowing off people in the name of God will certainly make one lose his own life and there will be greater punishment, not reward. No God can reward violence and death. It is not God. It’s the craziness of the uneducated teachers.

Converting people for pleasing so called my exclusive god is creating disturbance in society. Such people will never be appreciated by God who values common sense & rational behaviour.

Making people do something which is against their particular nature is also anti-nature and therefore anti-god. It is important to respect people’s individuality and allow them to follow their own path.

Providing definitive answers to simple people may be helpful in the beginning, but to be inquisitive to learn more is what keeps them modest and remaining free from the superiority complex.

One of the significant psychological issues is that our so-called spirituality compels us to feel superior over other human beings, which is very destructive for self growth.

Thus, the quest for knowledge as expressed in the phrase “Athato Brahma Jijnasa” is the foundation of life. This quest is a life long constant journey.

Inquisitiveness is what makes one learn more and more. Learning more and more makes one realize one’s limitation in learning and gives rise to the feeling of humility.

Therefore, Gita emphasizes the importance of knowledge, stating that “there is nothing more sublime than the pursuit of knowledge.”

“Keep learning, keep growing” and always remember the below points:
– Athato Brahma Jijnasa
– Aham Brahmasmi
– Dasosmi

– Govinda Das

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