Reflections on Shani Janma Tithi

Shani is an interesting personality based on its planetary position. It encompasses both the impact of the planet Shani and the personality of Shani as portrayed in Jyotishya Sastra and Puranas.

While individuals may choose to acknowledge either or both aspects, the influence of Shani on human beings is highly significant. Shani tends to slow down everything and embodies justice through its judicious nature.

Shani is highly impressed by the people consciously serving the under-privileged. Therefore, it is common sight on Saturdays for beggars to appear from nowhere to seek some charity.

Some Dharma Sastras even recommend the public leaders to see less privileged in the morning so that they are reminded to support and help in their growth.

In the modern world we are trying to artificially eliminate the under privileged from our surrounding and consume most of the resource for ourselves. Therefore, Dharma tradition consciously urges the society to be mindful of others. While individuals have the right to enjoy, they also have a duty to contribute and help others prosper.

One can imagine the beauty of Dharma. Even the planet, “Shani” can also emit such vibrations that make us aware and sensitive to the act of giving. Rest whatever people may do but approaching & worshipping Shani Dev with this mindset and applying such understanding is welcomed and pleasing.

– Govinda Das