Outbursts vs Dharma: A Justice Pursuit

The most offensive and violent outburst by a politician from the DMK party is highly condemnable. It reveals the individual’s low and demoniac character. The pressing question that lingers is: How should we respond?

As a Hindu community, we must urge the legal system to take stern action to ensure that individuals like him do not mess up with our dharma tradition.

This is a great time for us to study the history of Abrahamic ideology, separating the numerous historical events related to faith traditions from the faith itself.

The untold misery caused by organized faith religions worldwide is truly unimaginable. The religious heads, baring a few do not hesitate speaking and wishing such an idea of elimination and conversion from dharma to faith. Those who admire Gandhi should read what the Church said about him after his death.

Indeed, it’s worth researching what one of the high priests wrote to his queen after the departure of the great Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja.

Human beings by birth are animalistic and selfish but Dharma, Nyaya and Samskara make them learn and practice to share care and live with others cooperatively. This is the core of Sanatana dharma. Imagine, if we were to eliminate such people and their ideas, it would turn the world into a jungle and lead to a catastrophic disaster.

This converting business is one of the greatest crime one can commit. The Abhramic idea of converting should become a global protest. People need empowerment not enslavement driven by illogical faith and a superiority complex that leads to eliminating others.

It’s high time for the Indian community to deeply evolve and stand for justice and logic. A Greek stoic philosopher, whom the church later appropriated, once said, “for growth we need courage, wisdom, moderation and justice rather than adhering to stupid illogical and violent faith.

In conclusion, Sanatana dharma is not a concentrated country or state based religion, instead it represents character of human civilization and is more than just a religion – it’s the law of life. Many individuals before this idiotic and useless cheap minister made all attempts to destroy dharma.

Good for us that we thrive on challenges. Just like Arjuna took sometime to rise, dharma will be the core and eventually “dharma ki jai ho” will be the timeless call for one and all. Where are the other liberal and secular forces? Are they doing mauna vrata? Certainly such forces have to be taught lessons as the opportunity is coming very soon in the forthcoming 2024 elections.

– Govinda Das