Life’s Canvas: Merging Simple and Complex Hues

Simplicity confuses many due to its black-and-white nature. If it’s simple, it’s considered boring. But for those who thrive in complexities, that complexity is seamless and natural. So, what is real—simplicity or sophistication?

The beauty of nature is that it appropriates both amicably. The problem arises when one is overhyped at the cost of the other; it causes stupidity.

In the realm of life, there are things that are simple and others that are complex. Being a passenger is simple; flying as a pilot is a bit complex, and maintaining adds another layer of complexity. Troubleshooting engine faults can be a headache. However, the real challenge lies in inventing and ensuring a steady flight for an extended period, requiring years of sleepless nights. So, the question arises: which is more real – being a passenger or an inventor?

Similarly, drinking milk and being nice to cows are simple tasks, but milking, caring and protecting the cows is extremely complex.
Eating rice or not wanting it is very simple; one can change one’s mind quickly; it’s very easy. However, deciding whether to grow rice or bananas is not simple at all. It’s complex.
Nature teaches us to be simple where it is desirable and to be complex where needed to make things functional.

Experiencing life as it is—simple or complex—defines the reality of life. Everything is either purely complex or stupidly simple. Worshiping Hanumana is easy, but being Hanumana and doing what he did is humanly impossible.

So, it’s better not to have prejudice for either one. Be simple and stupid, as well as complex and seamless.

– Govinda Das