Living in the Heart Space – Part 2

Just as we have a physical home in the material world, we also have a home in our inner world. When our heart beats with healthy emotions and a sense of ‘all’s well’, we can experience inner peace even amidst external chaos. This safe space of our heart is our real home in our internal world.

In my upcoming book, ‘The Heart Space’, I delve into the practices and values that help develop a strong and vibrant heart, one that beats with joy and gratitude throughout the day.

This book aims to answer three key questions:

1.     What is the Heart Space (or Home State)?

2.     Why is it important to live in the Heart Space?

3.     How do we live and flourish in our Heart Space?

While the first two questions will be addressed briefly, the main focus of this book is on the third question – discovering and thriving in our Home State. We will explore various strategies and techniques to help cultivate a sense of safety, peace, and belongingness in our inner world.

We will also delve into the topic of God. All traditions recognize a power beyond us – a benevolent Divinity-like figure. Some cultures call this figure Almighty Father or God, while others refer to it as ‘brahman’. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you may refer to it as ‘The Force’. In the Harry Potter series, the characters swear by ‘Merlin’ – the half-mythical, half-historical character, during trying times. In The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf the Grey, the angel incarnate, guides the protagonists of the fellowship of the ring, as well as the dwarves and Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit series. In the Terminator franchise, the antagonistic force is the artificial superintelligence system called Skynet, and it is John Connor who rallies human resistance against Skynet’s machines. The victory of the resistance is achieved through sheer human will.

The battle between good and evil is therefore an eternal one. In the spiritual tradition I come from, we refer to the internal guide or ‘the force’ as paramatma or Krishna – the beautiful, Supreme Personality of Godhead, who helps His devotees overcome all obstacles in their attempt to live in congruence with timeless devotional principles. In this book, we will use the words God and Krishna synonymously, to help us connect with a force beyond us – the kind and compassionate Lord who guides all sincere seekers who wish to live in the Home State and help others discover their Home State as well.

Interestingly, the more we connect with God, the less daunting the forest within us appears. We come to realize that it’s a luxuriant landscape, with verdant bushes, fragrant flowers, and lush, shade-giving trees with ripened fruits. The journey inside could be a refreshing and fulfilling experience.

This book is a voyage to change our perspective – to see the forest within us for what it is – a beautiful Vrindavan forest where God, Krishna, resides eternally with His devotees, beckoning us to His world of love and happiness.