Independence Day

Our emotional connection to our nation, without a deep understanding of how human selfishness can manipulate such sentiments, forms the essence of the freedom struggle. Amidst genuine efforts, few individuals falsely claim credit for their small or no contributions.

Yagna, dedication, and sacrifice aren’t investments guaranteeing increased returns. In reality, such commitment brings added responsibilities upon oneself specially when the power is transferred.

The Kuru clan’s rule over Hastinapura was marred by Duryodhana’s wrongful takeover of the kingdom from the Pandavas. This recurring issue of power being seized by the wrong hands is an age-old problem, persisting not only in kingdoms but also in small family enterprises. History has proven that maintaining a legacy of goodness, demands both power and resources.

Many courageous freedom fighters sacrificed their lives, yet they didn’t leverage their sacrifice for their children’s benefit. Those who made tangible contributions did so with selfless action (nikshkama karma). Regrettably, their memory has often been overshadowed by those with agendas and minimal sacrifices, leading some to be forgotten.

Let’s pay our heartfelt homage to the unsung and lesser-known nishkam karma yogi warriors who devoted their lives to the cause of a Dharmik India, without seeking personal glory. Our efforts to restore the true legacy are the finest way to commemorate Independence Day.

– Govinda Das