Offence towards Women

Kamsa pulled the hair of Devaki
Kicaka pulled the hair of Sairandhri(Draupadi)
Duhsasan pulled the hair of Draupadi.
Ravana pulled the hair of Vedavati
All of them met grewsome death for insulting women/Vaishnavis.
Kamsa separated krsna’s parents from Krsna.
Ravana separated our parents (Sita and Ram) from each other.
Simultaneous bhagavat aparadh and bhaagavat aparadh. They Met with unpalatable end.
Ram gives shelter to those who surrenders to Him like He did for Vibhisan, Ocean-god etc
At the same time Henious offenders were forgiven by these merciful Godesses with out offenders even asking for it . Draupadi forgives Asvatthama Sita devi forgives crow demon and demoness of asokavatika without them asking forgiveness from her.
No demons ever got killed by Ram in the presence of Sita devi.
From Samanya dharma point of view offences to women can cause great down fall and their blessings can greatly benefits one.
Absolute spiritual point of view its favor of Lakshmi devi Sitadevi,Radharani is the only hope for jiva’s entrance un to the spiritual realm aswell as engagement over there in the constitutional seva.
Sita Mata ki jai.
Jahnava Mata ki jai.

– Nityananda Dasa