Shubh Sita Navami

The two personalities, Sita Devi from the Ramayana and Draupadi from the Mahabharata, stand out as towering figures in Bharatiya itihasa.

Sita Devi represents strong inner strength, rarely displaying external resistance, while Draupadi showcases a great fighting spirit against injustice.

This duality reflects the essence of Bharatiya psychology: fighting against external injustice while maintaining internal composure. Therefore, they are called “Prathah Smaraniya,” meaning they are to be remembered every morning.

Sita Devi is the consort of Sri Rama. Her life exemplifies how a leader’s wife contributes to supporting the king in caring for their citizens. One highlight of Sita Devi’s character is her unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people, even though they were responsible for her exile from Ayodhya.

When Laxman came to see her off at Valmiki’s ashram, she requested him to convey a message to Sri Rama: “I stand by the decision of Sri Rama, and he should never be angry with the citizens of his kingdom and should care for them.”

Despite feeling intense separation as a wife, she remained confident and responsible as a queen. She was a perfect match for Sri Rama.

In her absence, Sri Rama made a murti of Sita Devi and performed all his yagnas and duties with that murti beside him.

Jaya Sita Rama

– Govinda Das