Shubh Deepavali

Diwali is an occasion to celebrate victory over defeat, light over darkness & awareness over ignorance. Indeed, it is an occasion to celebrate life. In one of our dharmik literatures, there is a beautiful Vedic Mantra which invokes auspiciousness, resources and culture and seems to b a true Diwali Reflection.

This Mantra says: Let my Rashtra be full of Brahma varchasvi (one who knows Brahman). Let the rulers be brave Dhanurdharas (equipped with weapons and skillful with all different Astras) . Let the cows yield abundant milk, the bulls may perform a great task of carrying a lot of resources, the horses be strong and run with greater speed.
Let our women be the protectors of our towns and nourishers of our villages. The youth of the nation may develop the art of fast mobility, take part in social issues and develop refined samskaras.The householders who are ever ready for yagna may give birth to children who are valorous.Let the desire of farmers and general people be reciprocated by Rain God with rain whenever they want it.Let the herbs and medicinal plants become plentiful and our safety may be fulfilled by Devas and rulers.

With the shining of the diyas, echos of the chants, may prosperity and auspiciousness of this festival of lights, enlighten our lives and Nation as well.

– Article by Govinda Das based on the book ( Rastriyata and Sanskriti).

Happy deepavali.