The Brahmastra of Entertainment

Brahmastra – the weapon and the movie, have absolutely nothing in common. One is real and the other is reel with an agenda. What agenda? Conscious commercial interest along with conscious & unconscious denigration of Dharmik tradition.

Let us understand what Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher states about actors and art, which has not even been rooted from philosophy. The profession of an actor was regarded by him as degradation of human nature which he quotes as:
– One man in his life cannot play many parts, the characters which the actor performs seem to destroy his own character and leave nothing which can be truly called himself. Neither can such man live his life nor act it.
– Art cannot claim to be on a level with philosophy or religion and may often corrupt them.

What does dharmik literature talk about art and artists ?
Chanakya in Artha sastra mentioned that they should be strictly paid for their entertainment, no other special position for them because they have no position other than pure entertainment. It is general advice for royalty, that they should keep the actors and singers away from the politics of the state and away from human interaction.

When the “world of entertainment” became the “world of opinion makers & society influencers”, they damaged the society far more than contributing towards its growth.
Of course, one cannot stay without entertainment and this reality of human existence has been royally screwed up by the industry. It’s seriously grave and abomination of the same has tremendous reaction.

The purpose of one’s life should also integrate with the surroundings and this implies, “maintaining tradition” without compromising the “progressive life”. Unfortunately, the movie industry has created conflict between the two.

Brahmastra is the most destructive & fierce weapon which was not given to anyone including great Ashwatthama as he was non-tapasvi or to great Kshatriya Karna as he was not self-controlled. Can we imagine such a dangerous & devastating weapon in every body’s hand? Similarly, the “Brahmastra of entertainment” is destructive, if not handled carefully. Certainly, if not in the beginning then in quite early phase of the industry formation, Bollywood has dealt with Brahmastra very irresponsibly causing immense damage to the idea & ethics of Bharatiyata and dharmik culture.

Today the industry is facing immense black lash in the world. General masses have not only become aware but aggressive as well. Their reaction is so aggressive that the same industry has raised actors from the ordinary people to cult figures & communes. Now the general mass is aggressively going to the other direction from praising to thrashing, but why do the industry condemn this when they did not warn their followers not to flatter them to such extent?

Therefore, if this Brahmastra reel is far away from ideologies & realities of Mahabharata, it will create negativity of havoc, slander, trolling and protest. Please accept this too as you accepted the flattery, praise and certainly immeasurable wealth.

– Article by Govinda Das