The Influence and Impact of Swing Voters

When Yudhsthira went to seek blessings from Bhishma, Drona and Kripa they made a famous statement:

“Artha is not the servant of anyone, but we are servants of Artha. We are purchased by Artha (it means Duryodhana). Our blessings are with you, but we are forced fight for Duryodhana.”

If this is the pen revelation by great men of yore, imagine the ordinary person. He is simply profit-seeking with little endevour. This is what is exploited by cunning, self-serving politicians. The legacy of Duryodhana continues.

A simple analysis of voters who swing the election, shows they are not driven by ideology but by immediate needs and wants.

The loyal voters do not change, they are idealogy driven. Their number is always lower than actual capacity to win. It is the swing voters who tilt the election.

Swing voters do not care about the person. If they remembered the past, they would not select corrupt, unruly, and dynastic politicians. But they do not see that; they focus on petrol, water, bills, and freebies.

The swing voters are tired of seeing the same faces. They seek immediate gratification and fall for tall promises. They kick out the very person they voted for in the next election.

Democracy is anti-legacy because different ideologies keep changing systems, especially in education, social science, and foreign policies. However, these changes hardly matter to swing voters.

The business communities near the border are more eager to open trade with Pakistan rather than boycotting Pakistan politically. For them, politics comes later.

Swing voters are heavily driven by jativad. This was evident in Rajasthan, Haryana, and Maharashtra. The Maratha politician, who never glorifies Shivaji Maharaja, is preferred because he is from that community, rather than another community that has a natural affection for Shivaji Maharaja. One villager said that the Maratha agitation has isolated them from mingling with other castes.

The swing voters are easily divided based on hyper narratives and protests. Therefore, politicians who speak of equality and caste discrimination are the ones who play the heaviest caste cards. They agitate the swing voters who are heavily influenced by caste politics.

Recently, some politicians accused the Rama Janma Trust of having no caste diversity. Other politicians were quick to point out that if that’s the case, then the Indian cricket team should also have reservations.

The liberals are liberals only in values that break the society. For instance, one politician credited her father for being an original supporter of the LGBTQ community, while simultaneously engaging in divisive caste politics, which goes against liberal values.

The liberals aim to destroy divisions, while leftists seek to isolate white from black, Brahmins from Dalits. Indian politicians who influence swing voters create deadly narratives that contradict themselves, being liberal in some instances and instantly opposing that in others.

One so-called youth icon, even though he is beyond fifty, was advocating hardcore leftist idealogy, but his own legacy is adharmically liberal.

Personally, voters like us are driven by Hindu ideology. We are inherently opposed to leftist ideologies, disruptive liberalism, and dynastic politics.

Swing voters are beyond these considerations. In the Mahabharata, all those who paid tribute to the Pandavas kept no connection with them during their exile. Even the great Bhishma, Drona, and Kripa did not visit them even once. The other kings went and joined Duryodhana. In fact, this included the uncle of the Pandavas, Shalya. He chose to serve Duryodhana in the war because Duryodhana fed him lavish meals, provided good accommodations, and pampered him. Shalya had no ideology, only a desire for immediate pampering.

Their democratic system is very disruptive to the growth of individuals, communities, society, and the nation. However, we have no other choice. Educating voters is the only solution. If this hasn’t been achieved even after 70 years, will it be done soon? Is it possible? Will the politicians and swing voters allow this to happen? The distant future predicts no such change, but one must perform one’s duty of being alert and enlightened and help others along that path. Until then, swing voters will remain the kings during elections and slaves afterward.

– Govinda Das