Jai Ganesh Chaturthi

Sri Ganesh denotes beginning of something in regional languages, especially in Marathi.
It is folk tradition to offer 1st puja to Sri Ganesh amongst all the devatas because He is vighnaharta, meaning remover of all hurdles in our mission.

Ganapati indicates the master of Gana. Crowd without leader or a wrong leader causes great disturbance in a society. But Ganesh represents good leadership.

Vinayak represents vighat Nayak, he is the leader of those who are going astray to bring them back to right track.

Sri Ganapati is the one who assisted Sri Vyasa to compile the Mahabharata with proper contemplation and understanding.

Therefore on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi we offer our immense gratitude and devotion for his contribution so that we can walk on the path of satya and param brahman.

Jai Ganesh Chaturthi.