Shubh Radhastmi

Shakti Tattva

The Sanatana Dharma has the unique concept of – “abstract energy” and the “concrete energetic”. The foundational principle of Sanatana dharma is that the feminine energy and masculine energetic exist simultaneously forever.

The Shakti-tattva is feminine in nature and it ranges from physical existence to spiritual ananda – Ma Durga to Srimati Radharani.

Every village has a Shakti temple titled after different names of Durga devi who makes our material side stable. The layers of devi are limitless – Bhumi devi, Shraddha devi, Vidya devi, Annapurna devi, Laxmi devi and so on.

When that same force becomes a consort in the form of Sri Sita devi or Sri Rukmini devi to their respective husbands, then the Shakti-tattva adds unique flavors. Furthermore, when this Shakti-tattva goes into deeper mysteries beyond the creative reality of consort-hood, it reaches the zenith of pure unadulterated love surpassing all material and religious barriers which is regarded as “the Hladini Shakti” or pure anandamayi shakti. This tattva is Sri “Radha-tattva” – Shri Krishna’s eternal pleasure potency and the source of all consorts.

Sri Radha-tattva does not bestow what other aspects of Shakti-tattva offer. Her only desire and determination is to facilitate the pleasure of Sri Krishna. Therefore, she has Her name as “Sri Radha” which has unique aspects of worship and service.

She is the personification of all spiritual love & epitome of sacrifice and servitude which is so powerful that it overpowers the all-powerful, Sri Krishna. She holds the key that can unlock the deepest mysteries of the soul & has limitless compassion for those who want to render seva with whatever limitation they may have. She graciously bestows the opportunities to render seva to Sri Hari.

Sri Radhika is not mentioned openly in any of the well-known literature but she is the substance of the philosophy of Vaishnavism. Therefore, one may feel and experience Her presence wherever one finds Sri Krishna’s presence and so she is regarded as “Krishnamayi” which means – wherever she glances, she only sees Krishna and His selfless unconditional service. She is the “complete unlimited reservoir” of all love and Sri Krishna is the “complete eternal object” of all love. Those who have even a little realization of servitude & Sri Krishna-tattva are surely graced with the purest blessings, empowerment & karuna of Karunamayi – Sri Radha. That is Her highest benediction to all the aspiring jivas.

Jai Radhasthami!

– Article by Govinda Das